Brexit Is Threatening Our SRC Industry

On the 23rd June, the British political landscape changed irrevocably.

Although Brexit remains an intermittent presence throughout the British media – the important issues, that are yet to take effect, are slowly being buried by the endless tide of the rolling new service. Personally, I’m a little relieved. The long term implications for the future of Short Rotation Coppice methods may be uncertain, but at least the country has been released from the grip of endless reiteration of tired political issues.

brexitThis isn’t the place for political discussion of immigration, council funding or security issues – however, those who are familiar with my writing will know that I never shy away from the big issues at hand.

The In/Out EU Referendum has already gone down as one of the biggest constitutional moments in the United Kingdom’s history.

Not only will it completely alter the shape, face and destiny of our children’s futures – but it will change the way we perceive our planet and our responsibility to protect it.

Although the UK may well still be hanging around the peripherals of the EU for the next 5-10 years, a decision has been made and Britons are already accepting the division from mainland Europe – mentally isolating themselves from their former neighbours.

For many, 52% of the population, we must assume that this was the desire outcome. However, for the 48% of the voting populace of 30 million, this slow separation will be a painfully protracted process.

School syllabuses have already been adjusted to reflect the UK’s changing relationship with Europe, which will lead generations of young Britons to consider themselves exclusively British.

british-kidsThere may be many parents reading this, nodding with righteous pride. I can already hear them saying:

“Fantastic, finally we’ll have a generation of kids growing up who will take pride in their British nationality and do right by their elders.”

I’m not here to patronise or condescend to those God-fearing Brits who prize Nationalistic pride above all else, but I’m afraid you might be right.

Generations of children who only identify themselves as British will lead to a greater sense of Nationalism. So much, in fact, that many of them will cease to find any common ground with the rest of the world.

britian-loveWe’re a relatively small island community. Our Welfare system is relatively stable. Rising sea-levels aren’t affecting us. So why should we care about those foreign strangers in Europe yammering away about Climate Change?

Even though they’re just a stone’s throw away, we’re not affiliated with them anymore. It follows then that, if we’re not fussed about the opinions or problems of those Europeans, then the British people of tomorrow are going to care even less about the well-being of the rest of the planet.

Isolation from the European Union, just as in social situations, can only lead to a fostering of parochial attitudes to the Political, Social and Environmental issues that are at play in the wider World.

Ignorance of these issues will only serve to degrade our relationships with other Countrys and, by implication, the environmental state of the World.


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