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Willow 4 Wales is a Social Discussion Activist Hub – We Demand Your Contributions.

Our writers and contributors do not all hail from Wales, we will quite happily accept writing pieces or video logs from anyone from around the world – as long as they are proactively inputting into the Biomass discussion.

burning-type-wrtierOur writers Fred and Lloyd are constantly writing and compiling opinion pieces, scientific articles and even some fiction, based around Biomass Fuel development. They love reading contributions made by the public and are are more than happy to consider them for publishing on this website.

Biomass Fuels and they’re proliferation into the Future of Tomorrow can be a tricky topic to approach. Often, discussion and debate on these issues can cause conflict between parties, so it’s important that we remain relatively unbiased in our rhetoric.

Willow 4 Wales does, by no means, back the full use of Biomass fuels throughout the World, that is simply the stance that they are choosing to take at this point in time. By it’s nature, a discussion hub should be open to different opinions. If new science is discovered that might change the writers’ opinions, then it’s not too far fetched to expect some kind of inner conflict within Willow 4 Wales.

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