Who Are W4W?

Willow 4 Wales is a Wales based group of discussion focused activists, campaigning for the proliferation and wide-spread use of Biomass fuels in both the Domestic and Industrial Sectors.

Forming in 2015, our writers and researchers are normal Welsh people with a passion for renewable energies who have a need to reduce their carbon footprint. Brought together during an opposition rally against Wind Farm construction protesters, these socially disparate people found a common cause to rally behind: the production and use of Biomass fuels, in order to reduces Wales’ carbon footprint.

You might well wonder how these 5 different people came to meet each other, let alone form an online hub for Biomass fuel discussion and opinion articles. Although they’ve all met separately and had a chance to get to know each other personally, the woman they have to thank for their current incarnation as discussion based activists is:

Ellen Jacobs

Ellen Jacobs - Leader

A successful business woman and Mother of 4, Ellen’s unbridled passion for Biomass fuels, coupled with her steadfast resilience is what inspired the majority of our writers to take that extra step in contributing to our cause. Often seen leading industry-specific rallies for the rights of both employees, as well as the planet, Ellen has been involved with Environmental Awareness projects for the past 10 years – although her ‘day-job’ has nothing to do with it.

With 15 years of customer service experience to her name, Ellen has been a manager of a leading Coffee Shop chain for the best part of 6 years. The people skills that she has picked up in this industry has allowed her to make significant in-roads into discussions with high level politicians and business firms.

David Joyce

new-manPart-time Bank clerk, David, had been just minding his business one fine Saturday afternoon – walking his three dogs in Anglesey when, what appeared to be, an angry mob of Welsh people stormed by him. After inquiring with the group’s charismatic leader, David was convinced that (what was to become) Willows 4 Wales was a cause that he could fully support.

Having a great deal of spare time on his hands, after a few months protesting, David took a big step up to become Events Co-Ordinator for Willows 4 Wales. Organising all meetings, protests and discussion groups – David has commits exactly half of his time to bringing Biomass energies to Wales.

Clare Maynard

claire-maynardYou always need a local girl on the team, if you want to win over the home crowd – and Clare’s ours. Born and bred in the heart of Wales, Clare left her homeland for the big smoke of London, before meeting Ellen at a Business Conference. Taken with her pro-active approach to pursuing her environmental goals outside of office hours, Clare dropped her Finance job and moved back to Wales to support the Biomass movement. With her experience in Social Media and PR, she was a perfect fit for the role of Brand Management.

Studying proficiently in areas such as Business Management, Public Relations, Communications and Business Relations Communications; Clare’s eyes had always been fixed on a high-flying position in London’s money making Financial Quarter. Witnessing Ellen’s passion first-hand inspired her to rearrange her life goals and put her life on a new track.

Fred Burgess

fred-burgessThe youngest member of the team, but by no means the least competent, Fred’s skills as a vitriolic writer and essayist are invaluable to Willow 4 Wales’ outreach marketing and promotional sectors. Having never taken an interest in Environmentalism before joining W4W, Fred discovered videos and archival footage of Ellen’s early protest work and was inspired into joining the cause. With a year’s pay saved up, Fred left his home country of South Korea to live and work in Wales.

Although he had to learn an entirely new language in order to begin working, Fred soon found his true calling as a passionate writer with a knack for cutting wit and ruthless criticism. His articles and blogs are read by dozens of people from around the world, and his video logs have been watched almost 50 times in total. He’s yet to regret making the life-changing decision to leave South Korea and is currently revelling in his new position at W4W.

Lloyd Llewellyn

lloyd-llewellynA local lad, who grew up to be one of the finest public speakers that his village had to offer, Lloyd is about as Welsh as they come. Consuming up to 3 leeks a day, owning over 26 sheep and constantly holding a rugby ball – you just can’t find men more Welsh than Lloyd. Although his love for Biomass fuels is forever waxing and waning, Lloyd’s passion for discussion, and the urgency with which he writes, makes him a mainstay for WFW’s ongoing blog.

Not receiving any formal kind of education whatsoever, it was initially floored that Lloyd was simply an angry Welsh man who had joined the cause to vent his seemingly limitless depths of rage. However, after a formal discussion with Ellen, it was decided that Lloyd’s heart was essentially in the right place – even if he didn’t have a complete understanding of the physical workings of Biomass. His role as writer-cum-internet troll is essential to beating down online forum resistance.